Store Policy

Return and Refund Policy

At our establishment, we strive to provide you with the best possible service and products. However, if you encounter an issue with your purchase, please take note of the following guidelines for returns and refunds.

In-Person Returns: Should you find the need to return a product, kindly bring your receipt with you. Our team will meticulously inspect the item to ensure it is in its original condition. If the product meets these criteria, a refund will be issued.

Online Sales: Please be aware that all online sales are considered final. It is imperative that you double-check your order before completing your purchase to ensure that you are acquiring the intended product and items.

If, by any chance, you realize that you have placed an incorrect order, we offer a window of opportunity to rectify the error. Simply send us an email within 2 hours of your purchase, and we will assist you in correcting any mistakes.

Refund Policy Clarification:

Please understand that while we accommodate refund requests, doing so comes with significant and irreversible terms. Choosing to request a refund will result in a permanent ban from making any future purchases, bookings, or accessing any services provided by us—this includes readings, rituals, and all other offerings. This decision is absolute and lifelong. Once a refund is processed, you will be unable to shop at our store or engage with our services for the remainder of your existence. We implement this policy to ensure commitment and seriousness from our clients towards our offerings and the energy invested in providing them.

Your Support Is Our Strength:

We realize the importance of our relationship with you and aim to resolve any issues leading to a refund request, striving to maintain a positive connection. Yet, we kindly urge you to consider the long-term implications of such a decision.

Shipping Policy:

We provide flexibility when it comes to shipping services, allowing you to choose between USPS and UPS as your preferred provider.

Shipping Duration: The delivery timeframe for your order typically ranges between 1- 14 business days from the moment your order enters the processing stage. The exact duration may vary depending on your chosen shipping service.

Order Processing: Please allow up to 12-48 hours for your order to be processed. Once this step is completed, you will receive a tracking number via email. Keep an eye on your email inbox for this valuable tracking information. In case you don't find it in your primary inbox, we recommend checking your junk or spam folder.

COVID-19 Impact:

We acknowledge that the global pandemic has had a profound impact on businesses worldwide, including ours. We appreciate your understanding and continued support during these challenging times as we strive to provide you with the best service possible.

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