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Storm Kalmerz

3 Kings Oil

3 Kings Oil

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Three Kings Oil  has protective and cleansing properties that can help bring blessings, luck, and success to your life.


  1. As a Personal Scent: Gently apply the oil onto your skin. This can help in manifesting financial prosperity and creating a lasting impression in social or professional settings.

  2. To Dress Money or Trade Locations: Lightly anoint money or areas in your business space with the oil. This is believed to enhance financial transactions and attract economic growth.

  3. In an Atomizer: Mix 13 drops of the oil into a bottle filled with spring water. Shake the mixture well. Then, mist it around your workplace or living area to create an environment conducive to wealth and success.

  4. For Candle Dressing: Use the oil to dress a green candle, which symbolizes money. Rub the oil onto the candle in an upward motion, setting your intentions for financial abundance and prosperity.

Remember, it's crucial to use this oil mindfully. Do not consume it internally, and avoid using it if you are pregnant or have conditions like epilepsy.

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