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Storm Kalmerz

War Water

War Water

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REAL LOUISIANA WAR WATA!!! This water is more powerful than salt or sage, War Water is used for purification, cleansing of unwanted spirits, removal of negative energies from homes/property, blessing of new houses, breaking of hexes and as a very effective floor wash for protection against future attacks from negative entities(CLEANSE FRONT DOOR & PORCH ONLY). : - Floor wash: dilute 1 dropper in a bucket of water. - Home blessings and purification: place one drop in every corner of the house, doorways, windows, attic and basement accesses and fireplaces. MADE WITH REAL SWAMP WATER DO NOT CONSUME!!!


For curses and hexing with War Water

  1. Prepare Your Intent: Decide specifically what outcome you want from the hex or curse.
  2. Anoint a Black Candle: Use War Water to anoint a black candle. Optionally, carve the name of the person or situation you're targeting into the candle.
  3. Focus Your Intent: Light the candle and concentrate deeply on your desired outcome, visualizing it as vividly as possible.
  4. Use War Water on Target's Representation: If you have a photo or object representing your target, sprinkle it with War Water while maintaining your focus on the intent.
  5. Close the Ritual: Let the candle burn down safely. Dispose of the remains and any used materials appropriately, such as by burying them away from your home.
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