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Storm Kalmerz

Witch Elemental Oils

Witch Elemental Oils

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Elemental Oils

Witch Elemental Oils are conjured to perfection! Each oil is dedicated to a witches elemental trait. All Oils are blended with herbs, crystals, and resins.

Storm Kalmerz did a awesome job at pulling out each trait and pouring them into these bottles. Each Witch Oil has a powerful work of conjuration inside so a little will go a long ways.

Air Witch oil: is amazing for calming the mind especially when there is so much chatter going on around you. It helps you focus and give you much clarity.

Earth Gaia Witch Oil: is the perfect oil for grounding. When you’re needing to connect with Gaia. Anoint yourself with this blend and allow yourself to feel her vibrations. (meditating outside with this blend for STRONGER effects)

Fire Witch Oil: Whew this oil is 🔥! First thing you smell is the heat. This oil is a powerful blend of boldness. When you’re needing to tap into your higher self and seek what drives you. This blend is inclined to give you the answers and feel the feelings of fearlessness and courage.

Water Witch Oil: is good for cleansing and purification purposes. It has a very enchanting aroma. Use to tap into your creative & intuitive energy. Also helps with raising your vibrations

*Note colors and herb amount may vary for oils

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