About Us


Storm Kalmerz officially debuted in October 2018 under the guidance of our esteemed founder, Mama Storm. Nestled in the heart of Southern Louisiana, Mama Storm is not just a name; she's a Conjurer, Root Worker, Medium, and Master Herbalist with a remarkable journey spanning over two decades, a journey marked by her innate ability to tap into and channel energies. Throughout her extensive career, Mama Storm has delivered profound messages that have deeply resonated with her clients.



Our mission is clear and unwavering: to reestablish a profound connection between individuals and the wellspring of divine power that resides within each of us. Mama Storm's ultimate goal is to contribute to the healing of the collective consciousness, guiding it towards higher realms of awareness and enlightenment. She accomplishes this mission by infusing her products with potent, high-vibrational energies and meticulously selected herbs, creating a bridge that connects individuals back to the source of their inner strength and spiritual potential.


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