How to use our oils

We have a variety of oils but here is a general way to use:

  1. Anointing: Apply the oil to your body, focusing on areas that align with your intention. For instance, apply upward from feet to head to attract blessings, and downward from head to feet to dispel negativity. You can also anoint candles, amulets, talismans, or other personal items, concentrating on your desires and wishes while doing so.

  2. Cleansing Baths: Add spiritual oil to bathwater, often with sea salt and Epsom salt, to create a cleansing, meditative, and prayerful experience. This is particularly effective for clearing negativity and focusing on intentions.

  3. Massage Oil: This can be used for personal application or, in love spells, applied to a partner.

  4. Room Spray: You can apply oil to door frames, window frames, and door handles to invite positive energy and provide protection to your home.

  5. Influencing Others: To impact others, such as lovers, clients, or family, you can discreetly place a little oil on items they will touch or incorporate it into gifts like lotion or shampoo.

  6. Blending Oils: For more complex situations, blending different oils can be effective. For example, combining oils for reconciliation and tranquility in a relationship, or success and confidence for professional endeavors.

  7. Working with Tools: Apply appropriate oils to tools of your trade, such as computers, cash registers, or artistic tools, to attract qualities like prosperity or steady work.

  8. Vehicle Protection: Anoint car door handles, wheel rims, or steering wheels with oils like Powerful Protection or Good Luck for safeguarding during travel.

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