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Sandra Coleman

Jun 16 2023

As an author of delightful children's books, I must share my enchanting experience with this delightful candle. While its scent may not be overpowering, it had an extraordinary effect on my creative process. Before embarking on writing my latest masterpiece, I ignited this very candle, and lo and behold, it transported me to a realm of youthful inspiration. The gentle flicker of the flame, coupled with the subtle fragrance, ushered me into a childlike state of mind. Memories of my own cherished moments from childhood flooded my senses, awakening a wellspring of emotions within me. It was as if the very essence of this candle had become a muse, propelling me to vividly capture those nostalgic experiences on paper. Truly, this extraordinary candle kindled the flames of my creativity and enabled me to craft a tale that resonates with the essence of childhood. I am an ardent admirer of its magic, for it has bestowed upon me a renewed sense of purpose and artistic fervor. With utmost sincerity, I wholeheartedly recommend this remarkable candle, as it has worked wonders for my creative process. A perfect score of 10


Sun 08 Jan 2023

Spot on! Conformation!


Mon 12 Dec 2022

Book a reading you will not be disappointed


Mon 12 Dec 2022

The best to ever do it!!


Mon 12 Dec 2022

I recommend you book with her she’s good! I waited 3 days for this reading but it was well worth the wait!


Mon 12 Dec 2022

I’m still blown away! Brittney knew things about me that I haven’t told anybody. She is the real deal.


Sun 08 Jan 2023

Spot on! Conformation!


Mon 12 Dec 2022

My eye reading was so accurate I didn’t know what to expect. I’m so glad I got this reading done because I was able to see a side of me that I didn’t want to see. Great reading!


Mon 12 Dec 2022

My reading was on point!!! I was shocked but we all be a bit nervous sometimes! I will be contacting Mama Storm to have more work and readings done. She definitely gained herself a new client!!!! She was so sweet and the waiting time wasn’t long at all. I’m definitely satisfied and will recommend.


Mon 12 Dec 2022

Mama storm has done it again. This is the third reading I got from her and she is definitely the truth. My spiritual gifts reading was on point but I didn't expect any different from her. If you want a real intuitive reading, please book her. Thank you Brittney ❤️

mimi adams

Thu 10 Nov 2022

I signed up for the sugar baby ritual and got amazing results! I’m human so there’s always a slight bit of doubt when it comes to spirituality, especially when you’re expecting a very specific result but Brittney definitely blew my mind with this one. I can’t say exactly how but Spirit definitely came through and HEAVY on the sugar baby without giving up any sugar 🙌🏽🙌🏽


Fri 21 Oct 2022

I get my weekly readings in with Britt and she NEVER disappoints!

Brandon Johnson

Thu 20 Oct 2022

Firstly, my reading was spot on! I sought confirmation on spiritual gifts I believe to have and Mama Storm hit every single nail on the head. Also, the courtesy of explaining how she taps into your energy and how she makes you aware when she also taps out. The entire experience was phenomenal and Mama Storm is a prodigy. A gift to be treasured. Taking your advice about increasing my meditation practices and thank you again!

Kia harper

Tue 27 Sep 2022

My girl is the truth! Did a past life reading for me and made so much sense as to why I'm going through some things in this lifetime. It was so dope to be able to make that connection! Getting more work with her!


Sat 24 Sep 2022

I came into Storm Kalmerz yesterday to get a reading and she blew my mind! She has an incredible gift and was able to connect with my sister, uncle, and grandmother immediately. Her store is like nothing I've ever seen before - she makes everything herself and I just love her for that. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing reading experience.

Shawn Leftwich

Thu 22 Sep 2022

Ms. Storm, gave me chill bumps and I enjoyed the reading.


Thu 15 Sep 2022

I had an incredible reading done by Brittney, she completely blew me away! I'd seen her posts online before and thought I would give her a try, and I'm so glad I did. Even though she was sick with a cold, she read me like she knew me my whole life. She knows exactly what she's talking about and gave me the push I needed to finally start my business. 10/10, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reading. She's hilarious and tells it like it is no sugarcoating here!

Shay Love

Tue 13 Sep 2022

Mama Storm is where it’s at!!! She is so calming and right to the point in the reading she provided to me! She also goes above and beyond and is so genuine within her work! Just the right confirmation and motivation that I needed and I’m forever grateful! 💚💚💚

Toshiana Hoye

Sat 10 Sep 2022

I participated in the Abundance ritual last night and it was everything! The energy was so beautiful and very strong. I can’t wait to see things start manifesting! Mama Storm did her thing as usual and the messages she was given were spot on. So glad I got to participate in this ritual since this is her last one for the year.


Sun 04 Sep 2022

I received a past life reading from Brittney and it was super intense. It helped me put a lot of things together as to why I am how I am and why I carry certain energies and feelings towards places or situations. She is absolutely amazing and will be the only person I go to for readings from here on out.

Tonya C

Sat 03 Sep 2022

I had a past life reading today that was very, very eye-opening! It explains a lot about who I am now and work that I need to do to not carry this over into my next journey! Thank you so much!

Toshiana Hoye

Fri 02 Sep 2022

When I tell you, she always amazes me, I mean that! Her messages always resonate with me. I just had a past life reading from her and the things she told me literally explained to me why certain decisions I never made because they didn’t sit right with me and it’s all because it happened in a past life. I highly recommend getting one, and again thank you so much Mama Storm!


Wed 31 Aug 2022

I was skeptical about getting a reading done, but Storm was very accurate and helped me understand how readings work. She explained everything so well that I loved it! Thank you, I will be working on the things she suggested and will be back soon for updates.

Keenya Harris-Martinez

Sat 27 Aug 2022

May I say that I am never disappointed! Sis is GIFTED 4real 4real! I've had live readings, and they've been THE TRUTH! Nothing generic... no fake azz mumbo jumbo! In your spiritual journey, THIS WITCH RIGHT HERE is who you need!


Sat 20 Aug 2022

I've been getting readings from Brittney for a year now, and she has been able to offer me an accurate look at my life and relationships. She’s very intuitive in our sessions without asking questions and is detail-oriented — always telling me what I need to hear. Her readings have helped save my life as I am now in a better place emotionally and spiritually than before. The guidance and insight she gives me have real-world implications on my daily life, which are helpful insights that help make decisions easier.

Sheena P.

Wed 17 Aug 2022

Has been nothing but a beautiful light to us all, always dedicated. Very comfortable to connect with and always keeps it real. I've bought several things from Storm, and I'm not disappointed yet.


Wed 17 Aug 2022

Readings are on point, rituals are on point, and all the products that I’ve purchased have been on point. I’m so glad I found Brittney, and I’m definitely a customer for life 🙌🏽


Wed 17 Aug 2022

Thank you so much for these rituals. I really felt most connected with the return to sender ritual. The energies were strong on this one.


Sun 04 Sep 2022

Brit will give you the most accurate and honest reading you'll ever get. She's not the sketchy type to take your money and tell you basic psychology. She is truly divinely gifted and knows what she speaks. Any service or product you receive is going to be THE TRUTH!! I also love that she pushes you to start your own workings too!!

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Wed 03 Aug 2022

My girlfriend told me about Brittany and I’m glad she did.

Michelle Cooks

Wed 03 Aug 2022

My girlfriend told me about Brittany and I’m glad she did. I never had anything done like this before and it was exciting. She knows wha she’s doing book a reading you will not be disappointed!!!

I did a eye reading session with storm at her store and she is the truth.


Wed 03 Aug 2022

I did a eye reading session with storm at her store and she is the truth. I will recommend her readings to everyone.

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I've been working with Mama Storm for a little while, and more and more, her work amazes me!

Reewantae C.

Sat 14 May 2022

I participated in two rituals with her this month, and I still can't believe:

  • My ability to both recall AND interpret dreams has been restored
  • I've gotten more calls and requests from clients at my job, which increased my productivity and success for this month
  • My credit score even improved significantly.

This is not a joke, lie, or scam. You can tell the energy shifts and things start to move in REAL LIFE after Brittney works with you or on your situation. I even booked a consultation with her today to get advice about a personal, ongoing circumstance I've been dealing with, and her reading was accurate and eye-opening. She pointed out some huge factors at play that I didn't even know were influencing my choices. Her advice was also very straightforward and practical without failing to address the spiritual nature of what was holding me back. After the reading, I felt empowered to make better choices for myself and face the problem head-on. Book with Storm Kalmerz today! She's truly gifted and powerful, plus her work is effective. I would recommend her to anyone needing real results in their lives!

Truly amazing!!

Jamil Smith

Fri 06 May 2022

I love how thorough Storm is in her reading, not only does she offer wonderful guidance, she takes the time to explain what you need to do to achieve your goal.

Violet Red

Sat 30 Apr 2022

I love how thorough Storm is in her reading, not only does she offer wonderful guidance, she takes the time to explain what you need to do to achieve your goal. Especially magical advice. I will definitely be booking with her again when I need more clarity in my life.

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Customer Reviews

Tue 08 Mar 2022

Beautiful ritual britt was spot on and very in depth and on point beautiful and i truly feel amazing cant wait to book my next appointment

Sat 05 Mar 2022

I had a general reading to confirm some big energy feelings that I was getting.... she was EXACTLY on point and I'm so grateful I can move forward with the VIVID, RELATABLE, ACTIONABLE insight she gave me ...... big witch energy for sure

Fri 04 Mar 2022

Services are amazing so usual. I pay for the Spiritual Subscription service for 3 months every 3 months to get readings, rituals, herbs, and products weekly/monthly... if you are serious about your journey and want to stay on track on more of a regular basis it is so worth it!!!!

Jaleea Ripley Tue 08 Mar 2022 Beautiful ritual britt was spot on and very in depth and on point beautiful and i truly feel amazing cant wait to book my next appointment
Tamara Sat 05 Mar 2022 I had a general reading to confirm some big energy feelings that I was getting.... she was EXACTLY on point and I'm so grateful I can move forward with the VIVID, RELATABLE, ACTIONABLE indie she gave me ...... big witch energy for sure
Ashlee Fri 04 Mar 2022 Services are amazing so usual. I pay for the Spiritual Subscription service for 3 months every 3 months to get readings , rituals, herbs and products weekly/monthly... if you are serious about your journey and want to stay on track on more of a regular basis it is so worth it!!!!
Jessica Johnson Fri 04 Feb 2022 Reading gave me clarity on what I needed to know moving forward.
Estefany Polanco Thu 03 Feb 2022 She is the only person I trust to do my readings. And the only person I’ve felt that is genuine, I feel great when I get readings from her, she allows me to feel safe with the energy she provides. I love her!
Lyric Wed 02 Feb 2022 I saw a ad on facebook for mama storm psychic readings and I wanted to tryout a reading. I had many questions like is this really real? Is she legit? Can she really see if my man been cheating? I wanted to know so I booked her. This was my first time ever getting a reading done and I am so glad that I did! She explained everything so well to me and I receive it all!! mama storm touched on things that only I know and this is how I know she’s the real deal. mama storm will be my reader from now and forever thank you again ♥️
Lacee Wims Tue 01 Feb 2022 She always comes through for me! No matter the time or day! One of my favorite witches!
Shantel Tue 01 Feb 2022 WARNING WHAT IM BOUT TO SAY IS NOT SAFE FOR VIRGIN EYES!!!! Brittney told me in a love reading exactly two weeks ago to this date that I was going to meet a man with a third leg! Baybehhhg she wasn’t lying I am in love and my uterus broke! This man she saw was EXACTLY what I met! I been single for sometime now and I said to myself Idk what man she saw but I’ll believe it when I see it. I met that man and we been in a full on love rollercoaster. Praise the big witch energy that Britt has! Get love and eye readings done! You won’t regret it Be open to receive cause sis is handing out blessings!!!!
Kayy Sun 23 Jan 2022 Spirit lead Reading Touched my heart she reached into my soul and she got answers that i have been searching for 🤗😭had me crying like a babyyy thank you 🥰
Kayy Sun 23 Jan 2022 Eye reading was on point ya gurllll didnt miss any thing 💓💓It was so chilling to hear not only me be on point about someone BUT HER TO CONFIRM it 🤗definitely recommend
Toshiana Sat 22 Jan 2022 She said he good so I can’t start no mess lol but her reading was accurate af! She confirmed a lot of things for me and I definitely recommend it! If you unsure about him you better get a reading from her.
Indayah Sat 22 Jan 2022 Eye reading was on point !! Lol I gave her TWO niggas and they ain’t it one got mind games the other need a therapist lmao book with her y’all.
Angel Sat 22 Jan 2022 Eye reading🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 get you one you won’t be disappointed I promise you!
Kat Sat 22 Jan 2022 I submitted 3 images to get red and she read each of them like she grew up with them 🤣🤣🤣 if you haven’t gotten a reading by Brittney you missing out!
April Sat 22 Jan 2022 Brittney read my bf eyes and she brought up some things she saw in his eyes from his childhood. This reading was spot on!! I’ll be back for more THANK YOU
Solána Tue 18 Jan 2022 Brittney like to say she’s a fan of me, but I’m definitely a fan of hers. Every reading I receive is always accurate and straight to the point. This beautiful woman has so much wisdom in her being and she blesses me with each reading. I’m a forever fan of her and her products. Btw the new website is dope! And I haven’t been disappointed with the lucid dreams from the astral traveling candle. 10/10 I’ll recommend the readings and products. -S ♥
Andrica Fri 07 Jan 2022 This is my second reading, this time it was the blind reading. I wish I could show the GIF of how Brittany had me in my car crying!! I'm so sicka her telling my truths (sarcasm). She's the absolute truth at what she does, and the spirits don't play. I truly recommend you all to get a reading done, or even shop Storm Kalmerz, I promise you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! A forever customer!! We family now tho.
Joan Thu 06 Jan 2022 I had the pleasure of getting a blind reading by Brittney, it’s like she read my internal thoughts and I was floored with what she saw. I will do nothing but blind readings from here on out because these readings are accurate and true. Trust me get the reading📢
Nandee Sun 02 Jan 2022 I had the pleasure of getting a blind spot reading! This is a new one being offered. It wasn’t something I thought I needed until she delivered the message. I cried and released and it was sooooo accurate! If you haven’t done it yet. Do it! Don’t even hesistate!
Tiona Sun 02 Jan 2022 Readings are always accurate and on point!
Infinity Sat 01 Jan 2022 I got a dream interpretation done with Brittney and I knew from the jump that she would not disappoint and give the info that I needed about a reoccurring dream I’ve been having over the years. I’m so glad I reached out because if I didn’t I probably would be still tryin to do the opposite of what I really wanna do
Steven Sun 19 Dec 2021 I got an eye reading done by the lovely Brittney and baby she saved me some coint!! She read his eyes and saw some inconsistencies and saw his past! She knows her stuff! I did not have to tell her anything she picked up on every part of our relationship. The bad and the worst! I made a tough decision but I’m single for Christmas and I’m ok with that. I saved myself some money and didn’t have to buy his butt a Christmas gift. 😂😂
Tayuania lee Sat 18 Dec 2021 Best reading ever !!! So emotional !!!! So real !! Everything resonated . She is amazing !!! I cannot wait to continue my journey !!!!!
Keenya Harris-Martinez Sat 18 Dec 2021 PLEEEEEZ! Do yourself a favor and let Brittany do your reading!!! I'm no longer in awe it's just automatic admiration! The ACCURACY!!! The TRUTHS!!! Never disappointed. And Source always leads me to Her when I ask for clarity. Thank you StormKalmerz
Bridget Sat 18 Dec 2021 I had the pleasure of seeing Brittney for two eye readings! The first one was about 6 months ago for my ex boyfriend and she was able to pick up the deceit he was telling me! I was in awe. I recently came to her again for a new guy I was seeing. I really like him and I wanted to see if I should proceed. She gave me his eye reading and over the next week or so all of what she said came to fruition. Her reading was so accurate down to how he was feeling! I am still amazed at her accuracy! If you haven’t already book your eye reading!
Nan Fri 17 Dec 2021 So I’ve gotten a few services from Britney over the last year and half. Her readings are really great and accurate! But today I want to talk about her rituals. Because baby when I say she cleared the way with her road opening ritual! A few days after it was complete, I started getting calls for interviews (looking for a new job). And I also landed 1 HUGE collab and 2 smaller ones that are all paid! I can’t thank her enough for helping me clear the way to 2022! 10/10 service!
Shar Thu 16 Dec 2021 I did a palm reading as well as a love reading. These readings were so accurate I cried!!!! Brittney really knows her stuff and you can tell she does these readings from a place of love and genuinity TY !🤗I recommend both of those readings she exposed things I didn’t want to address and also offered me ways I can work through my anxiety. She’s really thorough and very helpful.
Brian Tue 14 Dec 2021 I was recommended to Brittany from a close friend who gets readings done by her. Everything she said in this reading was 100% accurate! She’s a real amazing spirit and she gets down to business! This reading was all that I expected and more. Yes I recommend you get one too!!
Toshiana Hoye Sat 11 Dec 2021 As usual, the readings were on point! I had a palm reading and a spiritually gifted reading! She told me what my spiritual gifts are as well as told me some things about myself that I didn’t know about myself when it came to my palm reading! I highly recommend getting a reading from her because you won’t be disappointed at all!
Andrica Payton Sat 11 Dec 2021 Lissen, the way Mama Storm read my palm to the FIF makes no sense. I can't even explain the accuracy of her words. Im glad I did this, I now know my triggers from childhood, and how to control them in my adult life. I'm an emotional person, it wasn't easy reading that, but I NEEDED IT. I truly truly recommend Brittany, all of her services at that. I haven't been disappointed not once. Thanks again Brit.
AsheHopson Fri 10 Dec 2021 Listen...... I literally found out some deep hidden ish about myself also she shedded light on my inner wounds that I thought was healed. She is amazing I highly recommend her get some damn tissue 😂 because you damn sure gone need it. Don't say I didn't warn ya. Amazing Amazing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Niya Fri 10 Dec 2021 Brittney was very informative during her reading and I love how detail she was. If you are confused about anything, she doesn't mind explaining or breaking it down for you. Her service is definitely recommended.
Amber Thu 09 Dec 2021 I see britts post on Facebook all the time and I’m not saying I’m a skeptic but I’m still fresh in my spirit journey. So when Britt tapped in and told me the names of the spirits she was communicating with! OMFG I was shook! Like ok this is real like really real! Brittney is the real deal she connects you to spirits and I actually had a conversation with my grandfather. I will never doubt her abilities, I didn’t but you know how it be you have to see it to believe and baby she made me a believer! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’ll be back for more readings.
Tavon M Thu 09 Dec 2021 Very patient and very informative the reading was accurate and on point I definitely would recommend this to my friends and family
Raynell Wed 08 Dec 2021 1000% recommend the spirit lead reading. Brittney immediately tapped in and made contact with my grandmother. Brittney also took pictures and videos of cards pulled and showed me what she was doing every step of the way. She’s very detailed in her readings and so so sweet. This reading resonated with me so much I cried. I’ll be back to book that palm reading next week!
Kayla Wed 08 Dec 2021 I had the pleasure of getting my palm read and omg!! Brittney is very detailed in her explanations when she reads. I didn’t tell her anything about me and she knew things happened to me just by reading my palm. I recommend everyone get a palm reading followed by a natal chart breakdown. She’s super thorough and if you don’t understand something she explains so well! I’ll be back for more readings thanks again 🙏🏻
Ashlee Sarai Wed 01 Dec 2021 Storm Kalmerz is amazing.. I enjoy all of the readings and any other services I've ever gotten done and they always resonate with what I need and where I'm going she literally changed my life and I always trust her with helping me with my spiritual journey
Bettina Wed 01 Dec 2021 I purchased storm cash out candle and ever since then I’ve been getting random checks in the mail. I wasn’t qualified for a stimulus so I thought. I had one show up in the mail! So I knew she was legit! I got a 6 card tarot spread and everything she said I resonated with! I’ll be back again in a couple weeks for another reading.
Monica T Wed 01 Dec 2021 I was scare out of my mind doing this reading. She read my eyes, it was a first for me. She picked up on damn near all of my traits. She even helped me see what I needed to do to change my situation. This was a very enjoyable reading I will be back again thank you 🙏
Rolanda L Wed 01 Dec 2021 I had the pleasure of getting me and my son palm read by mama storm. The information she was able to see just by reading my palm was unreal. I was in shock at how much she knew about us! She also showed me what my consequence would be if I took a certain direction. I have so much respect for this woman because she does not sugar coat and I love this about her. I would recommend everyone to get a reading done by her she’s the best and so accurate. Thanks again storm!
Shelby K Tue 09 Nov 2021 I had the pleasure of getting read by miss Brittney and she did not miss on anything that I was going through. I definitely recommend her because she values her customers and offer solutions to problems! I’m still in shock because she knew things I haven’t told anyone. Please if you are hesitant to book don’t think twice get the readings done! You won’t be disappointed!!!
Jasmine Fields Wed 27 Oct 2021 Mama Storm gave me a beautiful reading with so much accuracy. I've never been disappointed with any reading, ritual or products from Storm Kalmerz! The best ever for all of your spiritual needs :)
Toshiana Tue 26 Oct 2021 I loved my reading! She was spot on and everything she told me I resonated with! This is my second reading from her and she has been spot on each time! I definitely recommend!
Shana Armstrong Tue 26 Oct 2021 I got a mini directional reading and hunny 🙌🏾 thank you so much it gave me so much confidence ❤️
Zowie Jones Tue 26 Oct 2021 I’ve been taking the mentorship and it’s full with value and love. There’s so much to learn and gain from being a part of this community. There’s something for people of all levels in their journey. Whatever you’re looking to gain you’ll find the answers here.
Tomeka Jordan Tue 26 Oct 2021 Britney is an awesome reader that thoroughly explains your cards. I’ve had two readings they have resonated with me loud and clear!
Ashlee Sarai Tue 26 Oct 2021 All my readings and advice has been on point I don’t go nowhere else and don’t need to… Literally no complaints. I would spend my whole check on her… I will be a lifelong customer.... it’s that real😂💕 if you’re wondering stop and thank me later😁✨
Toshiana Hoye Tue 26 Oct 2021 I just had a reading for the child I am caring and it was amazing! She confirmed some things for me as well as gave me the babies energy which I love! I definitely recommend her!
Ditches lyles Tue 26 Oct 2021 I had a mommy message reading and man oh man she confirmed my baby been wanting to come back and easy and sister from six generations ago!!! The fact that she gave me comfort and confirmation that everything will be OK can’t wait to meet my angel baby ❤️ 3 branches and is the third pregnancy my rainbow baby.
McKinley MT Tue 26 Oct 2021 My reading really resonated. Everything was explained to me perfectly to where I can understand, learn, and the knowledge will stick. Definitely recommend this reader :)
Tiff Willoughby Tue 26 Oct 2021 I had the pleasure of receiving a general read from this bomb goddess and let me just say it’s the confirmation for me when I thought I was wrong for needing to set boundaries and get me some me time in but the spirits never lie and I appreciate this beautiful soul for sending the confirmation my way. ❤️ 👑 💫
Shell Shell Tue 26 Oct 2021 Sooooooooooo I absolutely love her energy I just had a Eye reading and she hit things on the head for me also I’ve got some incenses from her and the womb tea and I am very pleased with everything I highly recommend her! Also thank you so much for everything you have done for me this far.
Damali Dinkins Tue 26 Oct 2021 Britney is amazing! I’ve been following her for a while and even purchase a candle and was blown away by the time in effort put into the creation of all her products. I receive my first reading from her and it was everything I needed to hear!! One of the best readings I’ve had and will probably only be going to her for readings in the future. Thank you Britney!!!
Kay Kay Tue 26 Oct 2021 My first reading by the woman was amazing I started confused and ended up completely calm and focused she is truly a blessing 💕
Expo Morale Tue 26 Oct 2021 Booked a mini love reading. No questions needed, just tapped into my energy. Was able to confirm every exact details of what is happening in my love life and platonic relationships. Confirmed everything that I promised myself the day before. Always accurate, always is! If you’re questioning the gift that she has, you are wrong OR you’re not in alignment to receive the information that will be presented. This will always be my go to, I don’t trust anyone else with my energy. BOOK the reading, purchase the products - legit! On a scale from 0 - 10, this company is a smooth 10 until your mama, tell your friends!💕
Lola Ripley Tue 26 Oct 2021 She helped me see and tackle areas I needEd to work in and very on point and helpful a verry sweet person products are beautiful as well thank you ❤️ highly recommend @stormkalmerz
Darianna Reńee Tue 26 Oct 2021 Thank you so much! Very honest and very sweet and straight to the point! I resonated with my reading very well! I can’t wait to book with you more💕💕
Sharon L. Tue 26 Oct 2021 Brittney gave me so much and I’m forever thankful to her. She knew nothing about me and was able to tap in and read me. I recommend her directional reading it fave me so much clarity.
Shawnay Tildon Sun 24 Oct 2021
Listen, sis definitely picked up on my energy and gave me the confirmation that I needed ! Also a list of what I could use to help me on my journey. I will keep returning for reading && products ♥️♥️ She’s dope asf !!
Ashlee Guy Sat 23 Oct 2021 I highly recommend all storm kalmerz services!! My only go to for any spiritual services and products... if you're thinking about it just do it 🥰

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