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Storm Kalmerz

7 Chakra Healing Candle

7 Chakra Healing Candle

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Balance and align your chakras with the Storm Kalmerz 7 Chakra Healing Candle. Designed for those seeking a centered and harmonious energy flow, this candle features seven distinct layers, each corresponding to one of the chakras, with colors ranging from the grounding red to the enlightening violet. Ideal for meditation, this candle aids in focusing on each chakra point while providing a calming ambiance to your space. Enhance your daily rituals and support your journey towards well-being with this essential chakra balancing tool.

How to use: 

To use the 7 Chakra Healing Candle

  1. Light the candle in a quiet space.
  2. Focus on each chakra as the flame reaches the corresponding color.
  3. Meditate or use chakra-related affirmations.
  4. Use the candle during regular meditation sessions for chakra balancing.
  5. Always ensure the candle is on a heat-resistant surface and do not leave it unattended.
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