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Storm Kalmerz

Abundance Intention Candle

Abundance Intention Candle

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Set your intentions on abundance and manifest the blessing into fruition.



  1. Select Your Candle Thoughtfully: Begin by choosing your Storm Kalmerz Abundance Intention Candle, crafted with specific ingredients to enhance its effectiveness.

  2. Create a Sacred Space: Designate a peaceful area in your business environment for this practice. This could be a dedicated space that feels special and conducive to focus and meditation.

  3. Visualize Prosperity: Prior to lighting the candle, take a moment to clearly envision your business goals. Imagine your business flourishing and attracting abundance in all forms.

  4. Ignite with Intention: Light your Storm Kalmerz Abundance Intention Candle, signaling the start of bringing your business aspirations into existence.

  5. Affirm Your Goals: As the candle burns, recite affirmations that resonate with your business intentions. This can be tailored mantras that embody your aspirations for growth and prosperity.

  6. Maintain Regular Practice: Consistently engage in this ritual at set intervals - daily, weekly, or as suits your schedule - to reinforce the power of your intentions.

  7. Release and Trust: After focusing on your goals, let go of any attachment to the results. Trust that your intentions will manifest in the most beneficial manner for your business.

  8. Conclude the Ritual: Safely extinguish the candle after your session. Some practitioners prefer to let the candle burn out naturally, provided it's done safely.

It's important to remember that these candles are a part of a broader strategy of intention setting and manifestation. They work best when combined with proactive efforts and strategies towards achieving your business goals.

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