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Storm Kalmerz

Astral Travel Candle

Astral Travel Candle

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Astral Travel Candle Was created with the intent of going on a astral travel. Many customers experience facing shadow selves and even having talks with their spirit team. Getting soul healing information. That sparks a new way of living! I encourage you to follow the instructions before using the astral candle or oil. Astral Traveling Oil is sister to the candle same exact benefits just in oil form. 8oz.

How to use: 

  1. Proceed with your normal bedtime routine.
  2. Take a warm bath or shower to relax.
  3. An hour before you plan to sleep, light the Astral Travel Candle.
  4. Place a glass of water on your bedside table next to the candle.
  5. This setup is believed to serve as a portal to other worlds.
  6. Play your favorite bedtime frequency sound, which you can find on platforms like YouTube. Look for frequencies within a 4-hz range, as they are considered high vibrational.
  7. Keep a pen and pad close by to note any dreams you might have.
  8. Most importantly, make sure to snuff out the candle before you go to bed. Do not leave the candle burning while you sleep.
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