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Storm Kalmerz

Blue Anil

Blue Anil

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The blue squares, also known as Indigo or Añil, have long been revered for their ability to cleanse homes from negative energy and spirits. In spiritual practices, a traditional method is to place a clear glass of water with one blue square and one camphor tablet behind the entrance door. This combination helps ward off negative energies and spirits, providing a shield of protection.

You can enhance the potency of the blue square by using it with Holy water or Florida water to remove curses, evil, and jinxes from your living space. Dissolve it in water, add a pinch of salt, and recite the 23rd Psalm while making the sign of the cross over the water. This infused water can be used for spiritual baths, floor washes, or added to your laundry to purify and brighten your clothing.

Additionally, Añil is known for its ability to keep nightmares at bay. Placing a cup of water with bluing (Añil) by your bedside can help create a sense of calm and ward off unsettling dreams.

Each package contains one square, carefully crafted with holistic energy flow in mind.

Please note that this product is for external use only and is not intended for consumption. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention, as it can be dangerous or fatal. It is also not intended for pharmaceutical purposes.

The power of Govinda - Añil - Blue Indigo - Purification + Protection and invite a harmonious and spiritually purified environment into your life.

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