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Storm Kalmerz

Dragons Oil / Resin

Dragons Oil / Resin

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Dragon's Blood is a sacred resin used for protection, money, and love. Dragons Blood has many magickal uses and this handmade Dragons Blood Oil is ideal for promoting love, protection, and sexual potency. Use for courage, exorcism, power, energy, strength, focus, and cleansing. It is also used in a variety of ways for banishing and reversal spells as well. Created from an authentic dragon's blood resin. There are countless ways you can utilize Dragon's Blood Oil. It can be worn, dabbed on amulets and talismans, dropped into the bath, anointed on important papers or documents. Drop a few drops in every corner of your home for protection and to banish negative energy. When performing candle divination, anoint on purple candles for power, black to rid negative energy or people, white to draw in new energy or red for love and sexuality.

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