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Storm Kalmerz

Dragons Blood Sage Spray

Dragons Blood Sage Spray

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Dragon's blood sage spray is a natural and potent cleansing spray that combines the powerful benefits of sage and dragon's blood resin. The spray is made using a recipe that has been used for centuries to clear negative energy, purify spaces, and promote feelings of calm and serenity.

This spray is perfect for those looking for a natural alternative to incense or smudging. It is easy to use and can be sprayed in any room or space that needs cleansing. The scent of sage and dragon's blood is earthy, warm, and comforting, making it a great addition to any meditation or relaxation routine.

The sage used in this spray is sustainably harvested and dried in the traditional manner, ensuring that the natural properties of the plant are preserved. The dragon's blood resin is sourced from the Socotra Island in Yemen and is known for its healing and protective properties.

Dragon's blood sage spray can be used to clear energy from your home, office, or any other space where you spend time. It is also great for clearing energy from crystals, jewelry, or other objects that you want to cleanse.

This spray is perfect for anyone who wants to create a peaceful and harmonious environment. It is also a great gift for anyone interested in spirituality, meditation, or natural wellness. Overall, dragon's blood sage spray is a powerful tool for anyone looking to clear negative energy, promote positivity, and create a more balanced and peaceful environment.

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