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Storm Kalmerz

Fast Luck Box

Fast Luck Box

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•Fast Luck Bath
•Fast Luck Oil
•Money Magnet Sigil
•Fast Luck Manifesting Papers

Instructions for Using the Fast Luck Box

  • Set Your Intentions: Begin by clearly defining your intentions. Focus on exactly what you wish to attract or achieve.

  • Apply Fast Luck Oil: Dispense approximately two drops of Fast Luck Oil into your palms. Rub your hands together vigorously, then snap your fingers. As you do this, recite an incantation that encapsulates your desires and what you wish to manifest swiftly.

  • Prepare Manifestation Papers: On the reverse side of your manifestation papers, write down your desires in words. Apply four drops of oil to each corner of the papers. Fold the papers towards yourself to symbolize drawing your desires closer.

  • Ignite Your Intentions: Safely set the prepared manifestation papers on fire, symbolizing the rapid manifestation of your intentions.

  • Carry Your Money Magnet Sigil: Always keep your Money Magnet Sigil with you. This serves as a powerful symbol of your intentions and helps maintain a constant energetic connection to your financial aspirations.

  • Prepare a Ritual Bath: Boil water or fill a bath with very hot water. Add the specified contents to the water—using half of the contents is optional based on personal preference. Stir the water with your hands in a circular motion, drawing it towards you to symbolize attracting what you desire.

  • Bathing Ritual: Enter the bath and wash your body in an upward motion, visualizing yourself attracting abundance, prosperity, and luck into your life.

  • Utilize the Bath Water: After the bath, collect some of the water in a small vial. You can place this vial at your front door or under your welcome mat to invite luck and abundance into your home.

Please proceed with each step thoughtfully and safely, especially when handling fire or hot water.

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