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Storm Kalmerz

Hyssop Oil

Hyssop Oil

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Hyssop oil used for blessings purification, protection, spiritual cleansing.


1. Spiritual Baths:

  • Add a few drops of hyssop oil to your bathwater.
  • Soak in the bath to cleanse your aura and remove negative energy.
  • This is especially effective after performing curses or jinxes.

2. Home Cleansing:

  • Prepare a floor wash by adding a few drops of hyssop oil to water.
  • Use this mixture to mop your floors.
  • This purifies the space and wards off negative energy.

3. Anointing and Protection:

  • Mix 7 drops of hyssop essential oil with 1/8 cup of olive oil.
  • Use this blend to anoint yourself or your ritual tools.
  • This consecrates the items and protects you from negative influences.

4. Ritual Sprinkling:

  • Mix water with hyssop oil.
  • Sprinkle this around your home or sacred space for protection.
  • Use a branch of hyssop or a regular broom for sprinkling.

5. Carrying for Protection:

  • Carry a sprig of hyssop or a small vial of hyssop oil with you.
  • This prevents unwanted energies from attaching to you.

6. Breaking Curses:

  • Use hyssop in unhexing and uncrossing rituals.
  • Incorporate it into spells aimed at breaking curses and removing negative influences.

7. Burning for Purification:

  • Burn hyssop branches like sage.
  • Walk through your space, spreading the smoke to cleanse negative energy.
  • This enhances the protective qualities of hyssop and connects with protective spirits.
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