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Storm Kalmerz

Sacred Divine Feminine Course

Sacred Divine Feminine Course

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🌸THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A WOMAN WHO IDENTIFIES WITH HER SACRED DIVINE POWER 🌸 Many times I hear of women overexerting theirselves and losing sight of their natural born qualities. This western society has a problem with a woman being her true authentic self. I’m witnessing more sisters becoming insecure, jealous, and manipulative. These are unbalanced qualities of a divine feminine. You’ll see more and more women losing sight of what’s important and are attacking the sacredness of sisterhood. This society will strip a woman of her divine power and leave her lost without an identity and sick. That poses my next question….WHO ARE YOU? It’s okay if you don’t know or still figuring that part out. It’s many factors that can have one pondering on this question: 🌺Overactive one sided parenting 🌺Stressful careers 🌺Toxic relationships 🌺Unhealthy environments and etc… Many scenarios can throw you off your balance, but it’s important that we as women take out time to truly focus on our wants and needs. Making sure we cater to us. An unbalanced woman is a chaotic woman and this is why I created the Sacred Divine Feminine Course. It’s a 4 week class where you learn how to access your sacred energy, spiritually connect with the matriarch of your lineage, listen to their spiritual whispers aka woman’s intuition, access your true power and create a safe space with other powerful women. It takes a strong force of energy from many many mothers to get a divine feminine woman to open up, to love herself proudly, speak her truth, and embrace all of her. Following the materials outlined in this course, will help assist in your healing and becoming your best self! OPEN ENROLLMENT IS AVAILABLE NOW CLASS STARTS MAY 1ST 2022 *LIMITED SLOTS WILL BE AVAILABLE

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